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Software Development Environments – All you ever needed to know

It's the start of a software project, your assessment says you only need one development environment, perfect- or is it? You think you only need one ...

3 minutes Read
5 Ways Virtual Reality is Changing the World

Virtual reality is the IN thing of today’s tech market. The whole tech industry is seeing a paradigm shift and inclining towards VR. It is a leap. ...

2 minutes Read
Virtual Force Teams Up With IBM : Internet of Things and More

Virtual Force & Kualitatem have joined hands with IBM to bring in a number of IoT based solutions for the retail and non-retail sector through ...

1 minute Read
Do you have the 5 traits to become a millionaire? Let’s find out

Most of the millionaires in the world are not celebrities living in huge estates. In fact, you could be living next to a millionaire and not even ...

5 minutes Read
Innovation in FinTech and AgriTech
Raised $77 Million in equity and debt financing

Farmers are often challenged by their cash flows. They grow their produce, ship out their product and have to wait for the cash to return. This often ...

2 minutes Read
Big Data and the 4 BIG Ways You Can leverage it

Data are now woven into every sector and function in the global economy. The modern economic activity simply cannot do without them. The use of Big ...

2 minutes Read

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Virtual Force Sponsors Startup Istanbul 2016

This October, from the 6th-10th, brings the most awaited event of the year - Startup Istanbul. And Virtual Force is proud to be among the Silver ...

2 minutes Read
Automate your HR; Raise that Productivity!

Every Human Resources professional understands that when an employee asks a question, he expects an immediate response. However, not resolving it in ...

3 minutes Read
The 3 Step Recipe to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

  There is no fixed equation for success as an entrepreneur- the good news is that you don’t really need one. That of course does not mean ...

5 minutes Read
Parallax Web Design – What you need to know

Parallax- wait…what is that? For a newbie it might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but worry not. We here at Virtual Force ...

3 minutes Read
The Fintech Revolution

The Fintech sector is booming, and  new technology is creating an en evolution in the industry. If you haven’t being keeping up, here is what’s ...

3 minutes Read
Moodfit- Where AI and Interior Design Meet

The Dilemma of Interior Designing At one point or another, everyone wants a new look for their home. But usually being pressed for time, the idea of ...

2 minutes Read

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