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The FinTech Boom

FinTech boom is here and it is one of the most exciting areas in tech. Industry watchers would not be oblivious to the sudden sprouting of Fintech ...

3 minutes Read
Wearable Tech and HealthCare

2015 seems the most powerful year for the wearable tech, especially in medical industry. When companies like Nike, Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple ...

3 minutes Read
Home Services & Technology

The technology shift in household sector is on the Upswing. Digital world is bridging the gap between humans and their day to day activities, in the ...

2 minutes Read
How Online Payments Work

As a business owner or founder, you have to collect money from your customers or manage financial transactions. Payment processing or online payment ...

6 minutes Read
Visual Prototypes

The best way to show your Product Vision. As they say, a 1000 miles journey starts with the first step. And the first step is always hard. And this ...

3 minutes Read
Product Scoping

In the history of project management failures, one of the highest contributors had been the “Scope Creep”. Not thinking through the scope ...

4 minutes Read

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