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Parallax Web Design – What you need to know

Parallax- wait…what is that? For a newbie it might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but worry not. We here at Virtual Force ...

3 minutes Read
The Fintech Revolution

The Fintech sector is booming, and  new technology is creating an en evolution in the industry. If you haven’t being keeping up, here is what’s ...

3 minutes Read
From A Founder’s Lens

An outsider might think that a successful startup founder is like a prodigy: breathing miracles in and out while exuberating sheer control and ...

5 minutes Read
The Ultimate Bug War: Developer Vs Tester

Well, all IT graduates know the basic definition of a bug. But when we specialize in our domains such as becoming a tester or software engineer or a ...

3 minutes Read
Overcoming Your Creative Block 101

So the dreadful moment has arrived. Your Creativity has suddenly deserted you and didn’t leave a word behind. You sink in a deep despair full of ...

6 minutes Read
The Tricky Business

Leading developers is a tricky business. No. It is the trickiest business. And if you happen to find yourself involved in one such position, then ...

5 minutes Read

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